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Solar DAO

Investment blockchain project

Solar DAO — blockchain project giving the opportunity to invest in the construction of solar stations any, even minimal, amount.

  • website design
  • html and frontend development
  • WordPress site development
  • presentations and other graphic deliverables


It was a very interesting project, I was engaged in it for about a year. The concept of the project has often changed, due to various legal nuances and changes in trends in the ICO market. All this required the changes in design, and accordingly in development.


During the time of raising funds, we experimented with various techniques, conducted A / B tests. I have developed just a huge amount of various graphic materials ranging from icons and ending with a promotional video. And also I designed and developed personal profile, where the user could pass the KYC procedure.


As a result, ICO was successful, the funds were raised several times more than expected and, of course, the customer was satisfied with the result.