About me

Greetings! My name is Andrey Medvedev. I live in Russia (time zone GMT +5). I am a little over 30 years old, and I have a beautiful wife and son. When I’m not creating websites or study new things, I like to play PlayStation or watch a movie or TV show.

All my life, as long as I can remember, I was just madly interested in computers and particularly in design and programming.

Since 2007, I started designing websites professionally, and over time I expanded my skills with Frontend and WordPress development.

During this time, my interest in the digital domain has only raised. I love to watch design and front-end conferences, listen to podcasts about development, read articles about new JS frameworks and look for inspiration in Behance =)

I have experience working as a designer and front-end developer at digital agencies, an in-house product designer and of course a freelancer. Thanks to this, I have a good understanding of processes and needs both on the agency side and on the client side of the freelancer or the studio.

About work

I can offer you the following services:

  • making a design for your site
  • creating HTML out of design and front-end development
  • creating WordPress website

Also, I can create banners, logos, illustrations, and other graphics products, in addition to developing the site. Usually, I do not do it separately.

The perfect case of our cooperation is when I do a complete set of services from design to development on WordPress. Because working with someone else’s design or HTML markup is always unpredictable, and requires additional time to dive into the processes that were at the previous step. Also, there are such unpleasant surprises when it turns out that everything that has been done before should be thrown to trash and redone. And of course, interacting with one person is much easier and more efficient than trying to synchronize the work of a team.


Where do we begin our work?

Our work begins with a discussion of the job. It is essential to describe the task accurately, to save your and my time. To do this, fill out the brief and draw an approximate outline in free form.


Fill out the document template. There are common questions that will help to understand what design you want. You can fill it in a free manner. Subjects that you think are not relevant to your case could be skipped.


“A picture is worth a thousand words” © Draw a free-form diagram of how you see the structure of the site pages. That outline will significantly simplify the understanding of your task. You can draw it by hand on a piece of paper and take a picture, or you can draw blocks in an Excel spreadsheet. It is entirely at your discretion, as you prefer. 

As a result, when we have dealt with the task, and understand what we want to see in the end, I give you the amount of the prepayment, the total cost, the plan for further work and deadlines.

After transferring the prepayment, I start working on the design.

How many UI design options will you offer?

I will show one mockup. From personal experience, creating several options, at best, we get one decent option and several weak for the illusion of choice. Therefore, it is better to focus on one version and work iteratively and consistently with it.

How many edits can I make?

You can make an unlimited number of edits. I will be glad if you help me to make the design for your site better.

But there are exceptions, below is a list of what goes beyond the scope:

  • modification or extension of the initial task;
  • multiple subjective edits (for example, when a client wants to see options with different colors or fonts, this is normal, but not in the case when it begins to slow down the process for more than two days);
  • edits to approved materials (For instance, you accepted the main page design. Later I made additional pages or blocks based on its design. And after you wrote me to make changes to the main page, which again requires changes to other layouts).

Depending on the amount of work that will entail these edits, the budget can be adjusted.

What technology stack are you using?

I use modern tools and best practices in development.

  • To build the frontend, I use Webpack, in particular, Laravel mix (more convenient API over Webpack)
  • I write styles on SCSS, according to the BEM methodology, with block-based file separation
  • I use ECMA Script modules and NPM for dependencies
  • I do WP development based on AWPS theme. It has good OOP structure and modern build system out of the box


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