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Design, HTML, JS and Wordpress
Complex or separate development of sites for your business: from logo to complete Wordpress site. At competitive prices and strict deadlines. Feel free to write me.
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About me

Andrey Medvedev

Welcome! I am Andrey Medvedev, a private designer and frontend developer. Since 2007, I have been working in web design, during which time I worked in digital agencies and as an in-house product designer. I was lucky to work on projects of such brands as Lenovo, Sony, KFC, BQ.

In my work, I really appreciate the professionalism and value my reputation, I accomplish everything on time and follow all the agreements. And the same I expect from the client.


I follow modern trends in design and strive to apply them wisely
I do adaptive sites that work well on all modern devices
I use modern development technologies and apply best practices
I follow W3C standards and do SEO friendly sites
I use Wordpress so that you can add and change the content by yourself.
I create a project from A to Z



Below are the approximate prices.

I can tell you the exact cost after we determine the amount of work.

Design HTML Wordpress
Landing page $400 $300 $200
Simple Site $300 $200 $200
For Business $500 $300 $300
E-commerce $600 $400
Interface $500 $400
More information about payment and work process can be found in the corresponding section.

Task template

This document is a collection of common questions that will help you and me save time. You can fill it in free form, skip questions and add your own comments.

Based on this document, I will try to understand the task, and then I will ask you more clarifying questions. From the results of our discussion, I will tell you the final price.

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